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PUBLISH DATE 28/10/2013

Itaueira sees great interest in its new fresh-cut melons

NEW ORLEANS — Itaueira Farms, a Brazilian producer of premium-quality Canary melons marketed under the “REI” brand, launched a fresh-cut version of the melon at the recent Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit convention, here, and company officials were delighted with the reaction from the trade.

Rodrigo Lima, president of Crown International USA, the North Americanmarketing arm of Itaueira Farms, told The Produce News that the idea for a fresh-cut line has been a couple of years in the making, coinciding with a spike in the volume of the fruit being shipped to the United States.

By offering a fresh-cut options, he said, Itaueira hasmore flexibility to supply customers, whomay have been looking for a specific size of melon not available at a particular time.

Additionally, he said they had taken note of the trend toward consumer preference of fresh-cut items, which led to the development of a fresh-cut option.

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Original article: The Produce News

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