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Melon, Cucumis melo,

The Cucurbitaceae family, same as the watermelon. It originates from Asia (probably the Middle East) and Africa.

Fruit Characteristics

It has a high water content and is, therefore, very refreshing.  Its composition includes sugar, vitamin A, niacin and mineral salts such as calcium, phosphate and iron.  Ripe melons are found to have tranquilizer, diuretic and laxative properties.  They are recommended for gout, rheumatism, arthritis, obesity, colitis, constipation, renal diseases, nephritis, cystitis, and gynecologic infections. (source: wikipedia).

Varieties produced by Itaueira

Itaueira produces and commercializes the Yellow varieties of melon (Yellow Honey Dew), also known as Canary and “Piel de Sapo” (Toad Skin), of the Onodorus group; and Galia, of the Reticulatus group.

Packaging Characteristics

The Itaueira melons are commercialized all over Brazil, in pallets containing eighty four 10-kg cases each, calibers 4 to 12.  
For exports, it ships HC 40’ reefer containers to its distributors in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, England, United States and Canada, with 22 pallets, being 20 of 98 cases and 2 small ones with 42 cases each. Each container contains 2,044 10-kg cases of melons.

Production Locations

The Itaueira melons are produced in its own irrigated areas in the Aracati municipality, in the inland region of Ceará, in Canto do Buriti, in the south-central part of Piauí and in Ribeira do Amparo, northeastern Bahia.
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